Waste Disposal

Waste Disposal Facilities are commonly applied fields of the HMI/MMI program.

This automatically treats the process such as waste input, incineration/compression, discharge, etc. and prints out report for the daily quantity of disposed waste and generating harmful gas.

The system is configured using internalized I/O board as a form of Card in computers and PLC connected to RS-422.

Incinerator Operating Screen

  • Displays the process of burning up the collected waste.
  • Can supervise the running condition concerning conveyer belts,ventilators,motors,sensors and incinerator, etc.  

Boiler Operating Screen

  • This screen shows boiler operation for waste treatment process.
  • Monitors the operating situation of Pumps, water supply tanks, ventilators, and the related sensors etc.

filter dust collector

  • This screen indicates discharge of the incinerated oxide through filtration dust collectors.
  • It monitors the operating status of filtration dust collectors and measured value for discharged oxides.

Operation Setting Screen

  • Helps to set time of automatic operation for each process.
  • Possible to identify current running time as well as objective one for individual instruments.

Trend Screen

  • Shows multi-graph to analyze and to compare the mercury content in air measured in every monitor point.

Industrial Waste Incineration

  • This system is for incinerating and treating industrial waste generated in an industrial complex.
  • The configuration makes it possible to monitor generally the entire process.
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