HVAC Control

Aims to manage temperature and humidity of the entire building.

PLC is in charge of operations for each section. And the computer is responsible for setting temperature / humidity required to work and integrating the command information for individual section and reviewing the status and then resending the instructions to the connected section.

Possible to make daily reports write and print out.

PLC speeds up reaction velocity by increasing communication speed.

Installation Change Screen
  • Needs to set operation for each unit.(target set points, selection for automatic / manual and 1st/2nd machine, etc.)
  • Easy to compare and analyze set points and current values displayed on a screen.
  • Organizes to be able to set running characteristics for each season.
Monitor temperature/humidity for each floor
  • Screens indicating the status of temperature and humidity for individual floors.
  • Workers can manage feasibly temperature and humidity with displayed sensor locations in each floor and building structures.
Boiler Status Monitoring
  • Monitors comparatively separate boilers.
  • Displays different status such as operation, valve opening, temperature, etc. for boilers.
Running Status for Each AHU
  • Able to monitor AHU state of individual machines.
  • Controls PID of each AHU section according to given SV.
Tank Water Level Screen
  • Shows water level and pump operating progress for respective tanks (neutral water, expansion tank, sump, condensation tank)
  • Programmed to raise an alarm once levels are irregular to let operators take measures.
Refrigeration Machine Running Status
  • The operating state concerning the refrigeration machine and circulating pumps of cooling water for separate can be monitored.
  • Setting temperature of cooling towers, return water, and supply, etc. and monitoring are possible.
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