Lighting Control

Lighting Control has a purpose of managing lighting of the whole building. The monitoring screen supervises the total 7 floors in general, and the each section is operated by the related floor.Users are able to control lighting at a time by putting every light in an office into a group basically based on individual lighting control. According to the schedule, it is programmed to operate ON/OFF automatically, and to reserve schedule. Several PLC is connected to a telecommunication line in parallel using 485 Link functions of PLC.

Control Screen for Each Floor

  • Available to monitor/control each floor.
  • Able to control every lighting in each office at a time by putting all of it into a group.
  • Displays the lighting locations in detail, and helps to manage it efficiently.


Group Control Screen

  • Available to control groups simply by putting all lighting in offices on the same floor together.
  • Functions to control ON/OFF of several lighting fixtures at a time.


Annual Reserved Schedule

  • Screens to change/confirm annual reserved schedule
  • Able to use all tags.
  • Can operate automatically script or ON/OFF at a specified time.
  • Available to add schedule.

Simultaneous Monitoring of Several Areas

  • Functions to monitor various floors at the same time.
  • Easy to manage entire floors due to control ones in a screen

Group Tag Screen

  • Monitors generally tags by putting ones in a specific area in a group.
  • Monitors and controls by joining different kinds of tags into a group.

Individual Control for Each Light

  • Individual Control Screen as a basic function for lighting
  • Feasible to use dialog boxes, and to set up to control lighting at a time according to the present status on the screen 
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