Papermaking Process Monitor

Aims to supervise chemical measurements, mixture and supply in facilities for chemical preparation to treat the surface classified by paper usage in the process of papermaking monitor.

While PLC is in charge of operation for each section, PC is generally responsible for running and settings. Data and result values are sent to manager as a form of report.

Pigment Measurement

  • Process screen to show measurement and mixture of main pigment
  • Requires settings to move in a cycle to prevent precipitation in piping.
  • Available to control ON/OFF time of valve when pigment is input into the measuring tank.
  • Measuring features taking shower valve and quantity of shower into consideration

Subsidiary Chemical Measurement

  • Displays transferring of subsidiary chemical to mix with main things in the chemical manufacturing process to measuring tanks.
  • Interlocking condition settings of valves and pumps
  • Easy to automatically clean measuring tanks up with shower valve operation.

Starch Measurement System

  • Intends to add starch among chemical mixtures in the measuring list.
  • Pumps work interlocking valves at the bottom of the cooker and those of limit switches.

Color Supply System

  • The faculty process to mix and supply color materials judging the color sense of paper manufacture
  • Can recognize the situation with an alarm device for worker additional work such as dyes and antifoam etc. following color chemical input.

Latex Measurement Screen

  • This process ,having an intention of adjustment of paper gloss, sets measuring values and actual combination ratios leaving transfer line distance into consideration to help smooth mixture and measurement.

Color Storage System

  • Displays storage of compounded color, field monitor and stirring time to maintain continuous the color sense by means of churning it periodically.
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