Process Monitor

Process monitor supervises and controls production lines or special treatment processes. They can apply to various process systems such as semiconductors, conveyors, paper processing, plating process, fermentation process, etc.

Managers receive diverse information collected concerning the judgement of the good/poor products or output by products and qualities of treatment classified by process following application configuration fit for each process.

FINMILL Process Monitor

  • FINMILL Process Monitor
  • While the FINMILL produces following set point input used in a process, daily output is displayed in detail.

Semiconductor Process Monitor

  • Semiconductor process line monitor screen
  • Once errors occur in process lines being monitored, by means of using beepers and buzzers, an alarm is raised to let managers immediately notice the unusual location and restore it.

Paper Process Monitor

  • Paper Process Monitor
  • Aims to supervise the chemical preparation process used for surface treatment in paper process.
  • Provides in detail measuring values of each process and so on.

Fermentation Process Monitor

  • Displays overall the process of mixture, fermentation and storage.
  • Every process controls PID dependant on input set point.

Conveyor Monitor

  • Conveyor line Monitor
  • This configuration is to supervise collectively production lines such as the daily output, error rate, conveyer speed, etc. by products.

Steel Core Production Process Monitor

  • Steel Core Production Process Monitor Screen
  • Available to verify working mode and temperature, pressure, voltage of the machinery necessary for steel core production.
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